It offers broad range of over 200 courses, including autism, mental health, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), and others

Published: Tue 2 May 2023, 4:41 PM

The UAE is poised to use technology to meet the challenges of medical education after the launch of the nascent edtech venture Healthvarsity on Tuesday that is set to revolutionise this sector.

Headquartered and registered in Dublin, Ireland, Healthvarsity is the brainchild of Dr Thumbay Moideen, Founder President of Healthvarsity and Thumbay Group.

Users will be awarded certificates on blockchain to maintain security and authenticity of the courses completed.

Using AI and blockchain technology, Healthvarsity is all geared up to be the number one learning platform in the region providing quality online medical education.

Vignesh S. Unadkat, COO, Thumbay Media says, “So Healthvarsity has got a long list of partners from all over the world. We have partners from Australia, the UK, we have partners from India, and many other countries. We are enabling these partners to provide courses which are already accredited and certified and enable them in our platform. Additionally, what we have done is we have enabled the AI and the blockchain bit of this into the platform.”

To provide a better learning experience and improve learning outcomes, the platform will incorporate AI for student analytics, course analytics, and engagement analysis.

If a course requires a face-to-face interaction that will be fulfilled with the help of partners that include the Gulf Medical University (GMU) but the online component will be delivered through Healthvarsity.

The team behind the Healthvarsity platform includes technology specialists, doctors, and health professionals from various hospitals who have analysed the problems faced in the healthcare industry and developed hands-on solutions. The platform will also integrate AR/VR and metaverse technologies to enhance the learning experience.

“So, what happens is, when an instructor creates a course, he can select an option ‘that would you like to deliver the certificate on blockchain?’ So, the instructor will select this and the student when he/she completes the certificate, he/she will get this certificate as a blockchain, as an NFT in his wallet. Another thing is when a learner registers for this platform, we have enabled AI into this in the sense…that we ask lots of questions to him/her and these questions will allow us to provide him/her (shown to the user depending on his profession within the healthcare industry) with the required courses,” adds Unadkat.

Therefore, individuals such as doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, and students who are interested in pursuing health professions education have the opportunity to become part of the frontline heroes.

Simultaneously it will empower learners to select the on-demand courses and micro credentials to improve their careers.

Dr Mohamed M. Al-Eraky, CEO, Healtvarsity opines, “So, it is not a long-term commitment like most of the postgraduate programmes, like masters or so on. It’s like a short commitment by the learners so that they can learn what they like, what they need, according to their career. It has a wide spectrum of target audience, starting from students, we’ll have professionals and those who are even staff members of universities and of the hospitals. So, anybody working in healthcare, who would want to learn something more about health care in different disciplines, Healthvarsity is a platform to offer this.”

Platform provides learners a broad range of over 200 courses

The platform offers learners a broad range of more than 200 courses, including specialised programmes in areas like Autism, Mental Health, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), and others. These courses are provided by leading organizations from around the world, ensuring learners have access to high-quality content and expert instructors.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Dr Thumbay Moideen Founder President of Healthvarsity and Thumbay Group said, “Healthvarsity embodies the highly engaged, focused, interactive and unique learning that has been a hallmark of medical education programmes for decades. The interconnected world that we live in has experienced unprecedented growth in recent times, and preparing healthcare professionals to succeed in this challenging environment demands a flexible and real world-based approach to education.”

He adds, “Healthvarsity will, thus, provide a powerful channel for communicating ideas to and engaging with new and wider audiences, nurturing lifelong journey of enquiry and discovery and achieve better career outcomes using latest technology.”

The platform is designed to offer assistance to students through mentor-led sections, while also providing hospitals and institutes with access to an employee training portal to enhance their performance.

The courses will be divided into three levels, namely basic, intermediate, and advanced, allowing users to learn remotely at their own pace using advanced learning technologies.

Dr Tony Degazon, Regional Manager Middle East, North Africa and Europe from City and Guilds opines, “We’re supporting by providing quality assurance and accreditation on specific programmes to help people develop those lifelong learning skills in different types of areas… quite speciality areas that we are focusing on. We are an accrediting and an awarding body. We are like some international accreditation and recognition body so that people after taking the programme and getting certificated, can then be able to go to another place or go to another country or migrate. It’s like a passport to work.”



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