Dean Reynolds (Sigma Healthcare)

Dean Reynolds (Sigma Healthcare)

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Altis Consulting has taken pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor Sigma Healthcare’s ageing data infrastructure and replaced it with streamlined data storage consolidation and access, as well as internal data sharing practices.

Working with Snowflake, the two companies were brought in to provide an alternative to Sigma’s legacy, on-premise infrastructure that was no longer meeting its needs, according to Dean Reynolds, the wholesaler and distributor’s head of data and analytics.

“We were also restricted by the fact that we actually had three data warehouses in use which meant our data was very fragmented and siloed,” he said,

After considering a range of alternatives, Sigma’s IT team selected Snowflake under a flexible pricing model and implemented it in 2021, weighing up total cost of ownership, required management resources, privacy obligations, data sharing capabilities and capacity to meet future needs, such as those in advanced analytics.

Additionally, the vendor’s cloud and separation of storage and compute resources capabilities were also viewed as important factors.


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