The partnership and joint market collaboration aims to help healthcare provider organizations safely deliver more patient value from their greatest digital asset, patient data.

Toronto, Nov. 8, 2022 /CNW/ – IDENTOS Inc., a leading digital identity and access control technology company, today announced a collaboration with MedicaSoft, a leading provider of cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant software solutions and health information technology services.  Together, they have a shared vision for the future of digital healthcare and have a highly compatible set of solutions and services ready to help healthcare providers fully realize the value of their data.

Healthcare challenges they’re tackling, together

Today, our healthcare systems are burdened with various health platforms that silo data and fail to deliver the necessary data to its required destination.  Healthcare providers want greater autonomy over patient data while maintaining confidentiality of the data being used and stored and having the ability to share it appropriately.  Beyond this, the ONC/TEFCA and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Section 42 regulations mandate digital access to personal health information on demand and securing required consent to share information. Currently, there is no easy way to safely mobilize sensitive health data externally or across a health system without advanced authorization and consent.

A first of its kind solution in the healthcare market

The FHIR specification, the standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically, is now the basic requirement in the U.S.  However, compliance isn’t enough to safely put data in motion. A layer of authorization and data control is also required to help providers fully realize the value and impact of the data being collected.

Under their partnership, IDENTOS and MedicaSoft will fill the gaps in long-standing data sharing and access challenges by offering a first of its kind solution to the healthcare market, including:

  • FHIR compliant data strategies
  • FHIR compliant implementation
  • Fine-grain resource and scoped access
  • Consented data sharing and revocation
  • Externalized authorization
  • Centralized policy management
  • Provider and patient app support

These enhanced products and services will ensure both data interoperability and seamless sharing of health information between providers and existing applications.

An integral union between two trusted companies

MedicaSoft provides fundamental support for digital innovation in healthcare. Powered by a translation engine that can transform data into standardized inputs compliant with all standards in today’s healthcare market.

“In navigating the evolving healthcare data landscape, Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) relies on the technical expertise, industry experience and excellent customer service consistently provided by the MedicaSoft team! MedicaSoft has been an invaluable partner in our journey, and we look forward to our continued collaboration and innovation.”  –Dr. Jan Lee, CEO, Delaware Health Information Network

IDENTOS  implementations are already helping various health providers safely mobilize health information across their digital ecosystems:

“At North York General we are dedicated to building the connections patients need to access their health information and interact with the hospital online.” –Duska Kennedy, Chief Digital Officer, North York General Hospital

“At Niagara Health, we’re excited to be leading this initiative, which will empower patients by giving them increased control over their personal health information.” –Lynn Guerriero, President and CEO, Niagara Health

“We’ve become an innovative leader in the field of digital health… St. Joe’s patients and their loved ones can view their health information, coordinate appointments, see test results and message with their care team.” Tara Coxon, Chief Information Officer, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

IDENTOS (IDENTOS Inc.) designs and develops digital identity & access technology to meet modern demands of user-centricity, respect for privacy and distributed system interoperability. IDENTOS enables sectors such as healthcare, finance and government to quickly connect consumers, partners and data silos together safely for seamless digital experiences, platform enablement, API integrations, and more. For more information, visit:

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About MedicaSoft
MedicaSoft is a provider of cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant software solutions and health information technology services. Our products and services include a high-performance, interoperable healthcare data platform built on HL7 FHIR® standards, advanced analytics, a comprehensive personal health record, a high-performance electronic health record, and Direct Secure Messaging services.

Our experience includes enterprise healthcare software implementations, cloud-based healthcare data platform services, large-scale data migrations, and advanced analytics for customers such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the State of Delaware’s health information exchange, the State of Florida’s Department of Health, and several other nationally well-known healthcare entities.


For further information: IDENTOS, Media Relations, [email protected]


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