With uncertainty around jobs and careers, upskilling is definitely on the mind for many professionals.

Great Learning’s recent upskilling report, with a survey conducted by Pyxis, with 1000 respondents in cities across India such as Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune in industries such as IT and BPM, Banking, Education and Training, Automobiles, and more, and in the domains of Data Science, AI, Software Development, Analytics, Management, Sales, Design etc., shared more insights on this.

According to the survey results, the intent to upskill stays high at a staggering 79%. Among the skills, data science, AI and software development remain the most sought after domains.

Some newer skills also showed interest including web 3.0, metaverse and NFTs, in line with the ongoing market trends as people try to understand possible job opportunities and skills needed for these upcoming technology areas.

Interestingly, people from cities including Nagpur, Ernakulam, Mysore, Jaipur and Indore also showed high interest in upskilling along with those from top metro cities.

The other insight in the report was that, given the constant discussion about return back to office and more, 62% of the respondents felt that such changes will not affect their upskilling plans.

From sectors, healthcare professionals increased their focus on upskilling apart from those in IT/BFSI/Education and Consulting. This could be due to the increasing trend of digital transformation in these sectors. The report highlights that post the pandemic, professionals from healthcare and education are also looking to upskill in data and cutting-edge tech skills. From a experience point of view, while younger people with upto 5 years of experience looked at upskilling primarily for getting jobs, those with more than 9 years or more experience are looking at upskilling due to personal interest as they feel their skills are getting outdated. This could signal an interesting trend as more career professionals look to constantly upskill and reskill to stay ahead of the game in their careers.

Further deep diving on this trend in terms of the support the people need as part of their upskilling journey, while 48% of freshers and professionals with less than 3 years of work experience consider job assistance as the top parameter while upskilling, 23% professionals with 3-8 years of experience look for personalized mentorship and 30% with 9+ years of experience stated certifications from renowned universities as their key consideration.

However one clear gender difference stood out in the report. Despite the overall interest, 81% of the women said being busy with household work was a barrier to upskilling, which is quite a stark insight.

Meanwhile, only 35% of the people reported that their organizations had customized training programs which seems to be both an opportunity for B2C upskilling platforms and an opportunity for organizations to upskill their workforce and to create ongoing engagement and support for their career development.

In the short term, what the survey clearly shows that interest in upskilling will only increase and people have to invest in themselves to invest in their career growth.


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