July 15, 2024

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Milliman MedInsight Unveils Next Generation Payer Platform for Advanced Healthcare Analytics

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SEATTLE, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Milliman MedInsight®, a leading healthcare analytics and solutions provider, announced today the expansion of its Payer Platform. This comprehensive enterprise analytic solution harnesses Milliman’s renowned models, methodologies, and data interoperability and introduces expanded analytics capabilities to meet the unique needs of the payer/health insurance market. 

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“We are fully committed to driving digital transformation, enabling both ourselves and our customers to achieve true economies of scale at the enterprise level,” said Marcos Dachary, Chief Market Strategist of Milliman MedInsight Payer Solutions. “Health plans’ business questions continue to grow, and now we have the capability to provide them with a wealth of referential data and benchmarks, seamlessly integrated into their user workflow tools. Whether it’s the care teams, support teams, or operational staff, we ensure that data is distributed to where the end users are. In this era of digital transformation, the concept of a ‘single source of truth’ takes on even greater significance. We are especially excited to scale out our support of EMR data for risk coding workflows, gaps in care closure and new innovations to improve real-time data streaming between payers and providers.”

Through the Milliman MedInsight Data Confidence Model – an innovative and structured process that ensures the accuracy, reliability, and comprehension of healthcare data collected for customers – the expanded payer solution offering provides organizations with unparalleled flexibility and interoperability. This enhanced capability empowers health plan stakeholders and users to accelerate their own digital transformation efforts and seamlessly engage with a unified platform and solution across the enterprise. All of this enables organizations to unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

The Milliman MedInsight Payer Platform has been assisting payers for over 25 years, and its latest version features a redesigned user experience and the addition of specialized applications to address department-specific use cases. The Milliman MedInsight Payer Platform helps health plans monitor cost and utilization trends, gain a deep understanding of member populations, target high-risk individuals, and optimize network performance with greater confidence.

The Milliman MedInsight Payer Platform applications benefit health plans by:

  • Employer Group Insights: Increasing revenue growth and customer retention via flexible, self-guided group reporting capabilities.
  • Value Base Care (VBC) Support for Payers:
    • VBC Contracts: Optimizing provider networks, performance tracking, and transparency by providing a comprehensive view of financial performance across contracts.
    • Provider Portal: In addition to new data streaming technologies we also offer information consumers at your provider partners portals for key insights.
    • Provider Profiling: Combine reference data and Milliman MedInsight analytics to create the latest in provider profiling.
  • Data Science Portal: Reducing data scientists’ data preparation time by leveraging pre-packaged AI/ML models for use cases such as disease progression modeling.
  • EHR data integration: Leverage pre-built direct connections to EHR/EMR’s APIs, starting with Epic, or use Milliman for national network connectivity.
  • Risk coding work-flows: RADV documentation, risk adjustment coordination and data acquisition with provider and HCC coding audits tied to claims data and financial goals.

“We are excited to launch the next generation of the Milliman MedInsight Payer Platform, which will empower health plans with the insights and tools they need to optimize their operations and improve outcomes,” said Lauren Piacentini, Director of Payer Analytics at Milliman MedInsight. “Our platform leverages actionable insights, deep learning data analysis, and intelligent solutions, and most importantly, trusted data to address the unique challenges faced by health plans.”

To learn more about the Milliman MedInsight Payer Platform, visit medinsight.com.

About Milliman MedInsight
Founded in 1998, Milliman MedInsight® is a leading provider of healthcare data and analytics, trusted by over 300 payers, providers/ACOs, employers, and government agencies worldwide. Our comprehensive suite of analytics and data solutions empowers organizations to leverage healthcare data for informed decision-making and improved clinical and financial outcomes. With deep industry expertise and advanced technology, we deliver actionable insights into healthcare utilization, costs, quality, and performance. From risk management to value-based care, Milliman MedInsight empowers stakeholders to navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape and achieve sustainable success. To learn more, visit medinsight.com.

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