“We are honored to be selected by Snowflake as the global leader in Health, Data Identity & Enrichment in their recently published report, The Modern Marketing Data Stack. The team is thrilled to be fully integrated into Snowflake, which provides our OneKey clients instant access to our real-time updated digital footprints, engagement preferences, and affinities of healthcare providers in 116 countries.”
– Esther Van Hulten, VP Global OneKey

Published by data cloud solutions provider Snowflake, the Modern Marketing Data Stack report provides a summary of a comprehensive year-long analysis of the data tools, applications, technologies and processes that organizations are leveraging in their marketing data stacks. The analysis included data usage statistics for approximately 6,000 Snowflake partners between June 1, 2021 and June 1, 2022. The selection methodology included a weighted scoring algorithm to identify “marketplace leaders” within various data-driven business functions across a variety of industries and technology categories.

Snowflake named IQVIA as the Health marketplace leader in the category of Data Identity & Enrichment, which the report defines as “…solutions that identify individuals or households by mapping disparate identifiers and touchpoints, and using third-party data sets and analytic services, to enrich an organization’s existing data.”

In essence, the report spotlights IQVIA’s ability to map each touchpoint and interaction related to a particular healthcare provider (HCP) or healthcare organization (HCO), and maintain the most up-to-date gold-standard data for millions of HCPs and HCOs worldwide.

Accurate data is a prerequisite for everything else

There is no shortage of impressively intelligent and productive data products, services and technologies available in every industry today, but they all have two things in common: they are powered by data, and they don’t work well if the data isn’t current and accurate.

Our customers value our ability to help them do extraordinary things in healthcare by:

  • Designing and integrating custom data solutions aligned with their business goals, processes and existing infrastructure
  • Delivering total connectivity across business units and global markets
  • Remaining compliant with layers of ever-changing international regulations
  • Building predictive models that enable them to maximize growth
  • Extracting actionable meaning from their data to anticipate potential issues, leverage hidden opportunities and make informed business decisions

Of course, all of these capabilities are made possible by a solid foundation of superior data management services.

IQVIA’s commitment to data accuracy

With more than 250 attributes for 23 million HCPs and 2.6 million HCOs, you’d think we would be known primarily for being the largest repository of healthcare data in the world – which is true! However, it’s our success in maintaining this massive, dynamic database that has earned IQVIA OneKey Solutions its reputation as a trusted source for data reliability and performance. Up-to-date data is the lifeblood of our offerings. It’s the reason our customers stay with us, and it’s why we continue to grow.

“Accurate data is the foundation for a good customer data platform… we are happy to see that IQVIA’s fit-for-purpose solutions for life sciences and healthcare align with Snowflake’s MMDS report from integration to analytics to data science use cases.”
— Avinob Roy, VP & GM Global Information Management Offerings

How do we maintain accuracy in the largest healthcare database?

We are frequently asked about how we manage to maintain the freshness and precision of such large quantities and varieties of data. The short answer is, we’ve curated a highly experienced staff of 86,000+ employees, including 13,000+ technology experts and 4,500+ data scientists. Every day we have “boots on the ground” in more than 100 countries double-checking to verify that the data represents the current reality:

  • HCO associations
  • Contact information
  • Affiliations and network details
  • Changed practices
  • Referral networks

With our combination of a diligent international staff and sophisticated data cleansing solutions, we make more than 1.5 million updates each month. The result is harmonized, accurate data that ensures life sciences and healthcare organizations are optimizing the potential of data stacks and data-driven business operations.

An honor to be mentioned

We are honored to receive this recognition in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack report. Snowflake has developed an exceptional technology foundation so that partners and clients can build modern information management solutions. We are pleased to be considered as a leader in their data provider ecosystem and appreciate that acknowledgment as well as our strong partnership with them on multiple levels.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to the other Snowflake marketplace winners who have showcased their leadership in their respective domains. It is inspiring to see how other data providers are pushing their industries forward, and we are delighted to be among them in this report.

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