Tata Consultancy Services’ Comprehensive Suite of IPs, Co-Innovation Ecosystem, and Research is Emerging Healthcare Areas Cited as Key Strengths



NEW YORK | MUMBAI, October 19, 2023: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) has been recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for Healthcare Data and Analytics Services.

According to the report, TCS has developed a comprehensive suite of IPs such as TCS Healthcare Analytics, TCS Health 360, and TCS Data Integrator; and also developed accelerators, frameworks, and methodologies such as TCS Datom™, TCS DaezmoTM, and TCS Dexam™, for holistic coverage of the healthcare data and analytics value chain from strategy to implementation.

Cited as a key strength is TCS’ co-innovation ecosystem – TCS COIN™ – that fosters collaboration on the latest technology and healthcare trends through partnerships with niche providers, start-ups, and academia. Also highlighted as a strength is TCS expanding research is emerging healthcare areas such as digital therapeutics, geonomics, microbiomics, and digital twins to stay updated on the market.

“The healthcare industry is significantly investing in advanced analytics and data integration to implement use cases in key areas such as value-based care, population health, interoperability, and data privacy. TCS helps healthcare enterprises embrace next-gen technologies and platforms in these pursuits, and enhance innovation, provide patient-centric care, and drive growth,” said Debashis Ghosh, Business Group Head, Life Sciences and Healthcare, TCS. “This leadership position is a reflection of our strong domain expertise, deep understanding of client’s business, the ability to execute end-to-end large-scale projects, broad services portfolio, and our robust as well as unique partnership ecosystem.”

TCS partners with healthcare enterprises across the world to enable their digital transformation journeys by leveraging its deep domain knowledge, investments in research and innovation, and digital expertise. It provides a full set of offerings including digital services, IT transformation and operations, and domain services to help healthcare companies introduce new products, enable ecosystem partnerships, and ensure the highest level of quality and compliance in operations.

TCS uses its portfolio of intellectual property to accelerate clients’ data and decision transformations. TCS Datom is an advisory framework to develop the right data, analytics and AI strategy aligned to the customer’s business goals. TCS Daezmo framework helps clients drive data modernization initiatives with a host of accelerators, methodologies, and partner alliances to effectively turn data into value.

The Dexam Data Exchange and Marketplace Solution helps organizations democratize, monetize and commercialize cross-functional enterprise data through private or internal data marketplaces. It offers businesses and their ecosystem partners – both producers and consumers of data – a self-help-based, safe, and cloud-agnostic data exchange environment.

“Healthcare enterprises are now placing greater emphasis on improving customer experience and health outcomes through data and analytics services, rather than just reducing costs and optimizing operations. To remain competitive in areas such as value-based care, population health, interoperability, and data privacy, healthcare enterprises are seeking external assistance to establish a solid foundation for their technology roadmap by enhancing their data and analytics capabilities,” said Priya Sahni, Practice Director, Everest Group.“TCS’ comprehensive suite of IP such as TCS Healthcare Analytics (advanced analytics for population health management), TCS Health and Wellness (collation of multiple data points such as wearables for patient 360 degree view) and TCS Data Integrator (validation of input data and conversion to the desired output format), focus on innovation in the latest technology and healthcare trends through partnerships with niche providers, start-ups, and academia as part of the TCS Co-innovation (COIN) ecosystem, and its balanced delivery mix with presence across different locations to cater to clients across all major global locations has enabled its positioning as a Leader in Everest Group’s Healthcare Data and Analytics Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.”


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