June 22, 2024

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Dartmouth College | MS Health Data Science

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Lead the future of Health Data Science

Health Data Science is one of the most critical and fastest-growing fields. This 21-month, 100% online program enables working professionals to gain the foundational knowledge and skills needed to become innovators and thought leaders within health data science while balancing other demands. This distinctive program includes training on the theory and application of foundational data science topics, including programming, visualization, biostatistics, epidemiology, machine learning including classification models, and artificial intelligence, to solve complex programs within the biomedical, health care, and behavioral health sciences. Students also gain experience designing and executing their own health data science project using real world data in the capstone course. All course content is developed and delivered by leaders and active researchers within health data science at Dartmouth College. Our graduates are positioned to instantly collaborate as a health data scientist across multiple sectors, including the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, the health care and behavioral health sectors, government, non-profits, and more.   

Here’s How the Program Works

Dartmouth’s online MS in Health Data Science degree challenges students to think critically across a wide range of courses that build an unparalleled foundation in Health Data Science. Students take a series of coursework grounded in theory and application. The program is 100% online with weekly live lectures, offering working professionals flexibility to obtain an Ivy League graduate degree in less than 2 years. Courses are taken sequentially across the terms, enabling you to collaborate with the same cohort of peers throughout the program. Each enrolled class of about 35 students brings multiple perspectives and professional experiences to the classroom experience. You will also work directly with your peers in small groups across the different courses. Along the way, you’ll have direct access to Dartmouth’s world-renowned faculty who lead some of the most innovative ideas and approaches in health data science today. 

  • 100% Online
  • 15 courses taken sequentially over 21 months  
  • A capstone project completed in the final term focused on a real-world challenge in health data science 
  • Flexible format for working professionals 
  • Consistent and predictable scheduling for live classes and assignment due dates to plan and complete assignments when time permits. 
  • Course content is designed by Dartmouth’s faculty, who are behind many of the most innovative ideas and approaches in health data science today.  
  • A program designed with experts in pedagogy to maximize student learning in the online format. 
  • Along the way, you’ll have the chance to network and collaborate with peers, faculty, and alumni across the Dartmouth community. 


“One of the most enriching aspects of my Master’s program at Dartmouth has been the rigorous focus on learning concepts related to interpreting data science. From delving deep into statistical methodologies to understanding advanced machine learning algorithms, every course has been designed to equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the field of data science. I’ve gained invaluable insights into how to analyze and interpret data effectively, enabling me to extract meaningful insights and drive informed decision-making processes.”

– Digvijay Yadav, MS’24


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