May 26, 2024

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Piwik PRO supports healthcare analytics with free trial offer

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In an aim to bridge the gap between effective analytics and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, Piwik PRO is offering healthcare organisations a six-month free trial of its HIPAA-compliant analytics platform.

This comes in the wake of struggles faced by HIPAA-covered organisations in relation to adhering to HIPAA requirements and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) guidance on tracking technologies. These difficulties were highlighted last November when the American Hospital Association (AHA) legally challenged the HHS over this guidance, calling it “unlawful, harmful, and counterproductive”. The guidance is viewed as a restriction for providers in utilising standard third-party web technologies critical to the provision of healthcare services. The lawsuit has garnered support from 17 state hospital associations and 30 hospitals and health systems and resulted in the HHS issuing clarifications in March 2024, which the AHA deemed as merely ‘cosmetic’.

One of the main issues faced by healthcare providers is the need to sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with a vendor to legally send protected health information (PHI) to an analytics platform. This BAA allows them to enhance their services and improve patient experience, however, without it the onus is on the provider to meticulously de-identify all PHI before sharing it. This process is not only difficult, it is prone to errors and can heavily impact the usability and precision of the data.

Recognising these challenges, Piwik PRO prioritises privacy and security in their services and offers a BAA along with other HIPAA-related features, ensuring full compliance with both HIPAA and the HHS guidance on tracking technologies. They have amassed considerable experience in working with healthcare organizations, such as Boston Medical, Health New England, and Shepherd Center. Piwik PRO’s new free trial offer will help to support more providers in making informed decisions on the future of their digital analytics.

Piwik PRO is extending this offer to HIPAA-covered entities by a allowing a BAA to be signed for Piwik PRO Analytics Suite during the free 6-month trial period. After this period, organisations can opt to continue with a HIPAA-compliant analytics subscription under the Enterprise plan or can cease the account with no fees or penalties.

The terrain of healthcare is ever evolving and with the challenges of digital transformations and compliance adherence, Piwik PRO might provide a bridge for healthcare organisations in their strive to comply with HIPAA requirements whilst enhancing their services through data analytics.


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