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Step into a VA job

We offer several trainee programs in a variety of fields that set you up for a meaningful career at VA. Explore ways that you can receive training, often under the supervision of a mentor, and get a glimpse into what life is like serving our nation’s Veterans.    

Health Professions Trainees 

We run one of the largest medical education programs in the U.S., partnering with colleges and universities across the country to train new health care professionals.  

When you finish your training, we want your next step to be a career at VA. National trainee recruitment events help match you with jobs at VA facilities across the nation. 

Visit the Office of Academic Affiliations to explore all we have to offer, or contact us for more information. 

Graduate Healthcare Administration Training Program (GHATP) 

Get ready to lead with this one-year training program for recent graduates. You’ll work in a medical center director’s office, interacting closely with our health care administrators and enjoying unlimited access to executive meetings and committees.  

You’ll receive guidance and training from an experienced VA professional, as well as salary, employment benefits, and travel opportunities. When finished, you’ll be eligible for non-competitive placement at GS-11 into a position within the VA health care system.  

You’re eligible if you’ve completed a master’s degree in hospital administration (MHA, MSHA), public health administration (MPH), or related fields such as business (MBA) or public administration (MPA) from an accredited institution.  

Open trainee positions will be announced by the HR staff at the host sites. Locations change every year, allowing for opportunities across the United States. The recruitment phase is typically conducted from January-May for the program that runs from June-June. 

For information, contact the GHATP program manager at [email protected]  

Technical Career Field (TCF) Trainee Program 

Take a first step in your VA career with the TCF program. You’ll receive 2 years of training in a critically identified position with salary, employment benefits, mentoring, and hands-on training. 

Career fields include: 

  • Biomedical engineering 
  • Biomedical equipment support specialist 
  • Boiler plant operator/utility system specialist 
  • Compliance and business integrity 
  • Contracting 
  • Environmental management 
  • Equal employment opportunity 
  • Finance 
  • GEMS- VA environmental engineers and protection specialists 
  • General engineering 
  • Health information management 
  • Human resources management 
  • Industrial hygienist 
  • Office of Health Informatics 
  • Office of Information Technology 
  • Privacy officer 
  • Prosthetic representative 
  • Public affairs 
  • Safety specialist 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Volunteer management 

You’ll work full-time at a VA facility and follow a formal, individualized training plan under the supervision of an experienced preceptor.  

Gain the practical experience you need to graduate to more complex assignments and work under progressively less and less supervision. 

When you begin your training, you’ll work at VA in a GS-05 position, though over the course of your 2-year development, you may acquire the skills and training necessary to qualify for a GS-11 position. When your appointment is up, you may be placed in the facility where you interned or in another VA facility that needs your skills.  

Recruitment begins as early as March for appointments starting between the end of May and end of September. Opportunities are posted on USAJobs and can be found by searching TCF, Pathways, or Recent Graduates.   

For more information about TCF, contact [email protected]

Interested in human resources? Learn about our one-year HR-STAR training program.


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